AlphornVirtuos was founded by Roland Pütz in 1994, originally as a fun project for brass musicians 'with time on their hands'. Today, the ensemble boasts a unique program with a dazzling variety of line-ups and productions.

The band's success is largely down to its unique repertoire, which features not only original and highly innovative compositions but also transcriptions and rearrangements of traditional and well-known pieces, many of which are generally regarded as unplayable on the alphorn. These include works of classical music, jazz, and blues; the compositions of Johann Strauss, Verdi, Weber, and Wagner; the repertoire of the Egerländer Musikanten; traditional alphorn music; and even the tunes of 'Tequila' and 'Tiger Rag'.

In recent years, AlphornVirtuos has rapidly acquired an international reputation on the strength of its appearances in street theatre, cabaret, variety performances, and music festivals. At the same time, exceptionally well-received performances at events such as Streetparade in Celle (a jazz festival with marching bands), the Lowlands music festival, and 1st May Genk Tattoo in Belgium ensure that AlphornVirtuos has a very bright future ahead.

Further performance highlights of the recent past include appearances at Alphorn in Concert in Oensingen, Switzerland, and at the Floriade in Venlo, the Netherlands, where the ensemble appeared on behalf of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Federal Republic of Germany.

AlphornVirtuos has performed at a wide variety of events, including trade fairs and conferences, and for well-known companies and government ministries. On each occasion, the audience has been delighted and amazed by our accomplished and authentic renditions of works from a whole range of musical genres.

Despite all such striving for musical perfection, however, the crucial feature of any AlphornVirtuos concert is that it should be entertaining, amusing, surprising, and exciting. In his capacity as presenter, performer, entertainer, and narrator, Roland Pütz is able to establish an immediate rapport with his audience – a talent that helps make each and every concert and appearance an unforgettable and unique experience.

AlphornVirtuos – music with a difference

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AlphornVirtuos is at present made up of 10 professional musicians. The core line-up is Uwe Hirschgänger, Harald Pister, Roland Pütz, and Ralf von Tegelen. The following are also currently members: Thorsten Steinhaus, Yavuz Duman, Pinguin Moschner, and Christoph Fischer (all trained brass musicians) plus the pianists Roland Dill and Gunter Rose.

The founder, leader, and musical director of AlphornVirtuos is Roland Pütz, who is also responsible for all compositions, arrangements, and programme development.

AlphornVirtuos – your partner for creative alphorn entertainment.


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