Die Bergischen Schweizer

For theatrical performances

Die Bergischen Schweizer: bold, dramatic, spectacular, comical.

Die Bergischen Schweizer is the line-up up choice for spectacular and dramatic performances: street theatre, processions, alphorn comedy acts, a 25-foot-long alphorn marching band, etc. Guaranteed to provide the musical and visual highlight of any cultural or other event.


  • The Guard of Die Bergischen Schweizer
  • MS Grüezie featuring the Bergischen-Swiss Navy
  • The Alphorn Faction

Please consult our gallery for images from our various programmes. Programmes consisting of works not subject to musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights can also be arranged.

Die Bergischen Schweizer can be booked for the following:

  • Street theatre festivals
  • Music festivals
  • Town festivals
  • Corporate events
  • Maritime events
  • Large events
  • Processions
  • Tattoos
  • Trade fairsChristmas events

For themed events (e.g., Switzerland, the Alps, Austria, Bavaria, Oktoberfest, folk music, snow, winter, etc.), the ensemble can also appear in traditional costume:

  • Traditional Bavarian costume
  • Traditional Swiss costume
  • Folk music costume
  • Santa Claus, snowman, or traditional Swiss costume for Christmas markets (street theatre or stage)

Die Bergischen Schweizer: The Theatrical Alphorn Ensemble

The Constitution of the Bergische Schweiz

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Tel.: +49 (0) 2206 - 86 99 99
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