The Constitution of the
Bergische Schweiz 

Everyone is entitled to do whatever we so wish   

§ 1 Authority is vested in us, and we are neutral 

§ 2 We stick together 

§ 3 We are jovial fellows 

§ 4 Nothing remains as it is, yet it stays as it was 

§ 5 Take it easy, everything's under control 

§ 6 It's all taken care of 

§ 7 Whatever it is, it won't be needed 

§ 8 Our men wear the traditional Bergische kilt, our women whatever they want 

§ 9 Love takes place in the open air – or in the barn when it's raining 

§ 10 Sleep in your own bed 

§ 11 Anyone who has a lot of drink the night before still rises early the following morning 

§ 12 If anyone's crazy, then that someone is somebody else 

§ 13 We are what we are, who we are, and where we are


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