For concert performances

AlphornVirtuos concerts are entertaining, exciting, virtuosic, charming, and humorous. In short, they are incredibly diverse and immensely enjoyable.

  • Complete concert programs:
    'Alphorn in Concert'
    'Alpine Classics'
  • Cabaret and theatre programme:
    'Who invented it? The Swiss did!'
  • Christmas programme:
    'Alpine Christmas'


  • Alphorn quartet
  • Alphorn quartet and piano

Performance time:

  • Complete evening (fixed programme)
  • Short programme (1 or 2 performances lasting 15–20 min.)
  • Concert interludes (2 or 3 performances lasting 3–10 min.)
  • From 20–60 min., depending on requirements

AlphornVirtuos can be booked for:

  • Orchestral concerts
  • Chamber music concerts
  • Cultural events
  • Summer of culture festivals
  • Classical and other music festivals
  • Concert programmes and subscription concerts
  • Theatre and incidental music
  • Church concerts
  • Choral concerts
  • Open-air concerts

Both the choice of music and the accompanying commentary can be tailored to a specific festival theme. Programmes consisting of works not subject to musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights can also be arranged.

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