Roland Pütz: Composer

  • Works for solo alphorn
  • Works for alphorn ensemble
  • Concert works for alphorn quartet
  • Concert works for alphorn quartet and piano/organ
  • Concert works for alphorn and orchestra
  • Concert works for alphorn and piano/organ
  • Solo works for alphorn and symphonic wind orchestra
  • Popular music (polkas and waltzes) for alphorn and wind orchestra

Discography: E berjisch Sinfönsche (compositions: Roland Pütz). Various tracks and excerpts of tracks have featured in TV and radio shows (including 'Ab auf die Alp', broadcast on ZDF and 3sat) and as background music for trailers.

World premieres in 2014: see Programme

For the last two years, Roland Pütz has been working on a concerto for four to eight alphorns and a large-scale symphony orchestra.

He has also made numerous arrangements of classical, jazz, and pop works for performance by his various alphorn ensembles.

Roland Pütz
Postfach 1252
D-51483 Overath

Tel.: +49 (0) 2206 - 86 99 99
E-Mail: info[at]