Die Alp-Träume

For event performances

The perfect alphorn ensemble for special and exclusive events. Incomparably stylish and musically unique, we can perform a wide repertoire of fanfares, pieces of classical and jazz music, and traditional alphorn compositions.

  • Musical entertainment for special events
  • Exhibitions, vernissages
  • Corporate events
  • Openings
  • Conferences

Whether you opt for the 'Triumphal March' from Verdi's Aida, Wagnerian fanfares from Bayreuth's Green Hill, alphorns serenading one another across the valley, or an alpine rendition of that Tijuana Brass favourite 'Tequila' – our music is guaranteed to astound and entertain your guests, clients, or audience and put them in a perfect mood for the rest of your event. Whether a discreet performance from the wings or one with full pomp and circumstance, we also have the necessary presence, and experience – should the wish spontaneously arise – to expand a short musical interlude into a charming and unique concert. Your guests are our guests, your audience is ours.

Outdoor and indoor events

Line-up: alphorn quartet

Roland Pütz
Hauptstraße 44a
D-51483 Overath

Tel.: +49 (0) 2206 - 86 99 99
E-Mail: info[at]alphorn-virtuos.de