Alphorn quartet, alphorn quartet and piano, and orchestral concerts

  • Christmas concerts
  • Alpine Christmas
  • Christmas choral concerts
  • Winter festivals

Die AlpTräume

  • Corporate events
  • Christmas parties for your company or club
  • Christmas trade fairs
  • In-house fairs and exhibitions

Die Bergischen Schweizer

  • Christmas markets
  • Christmas events
  • Christmas street theatre
  • Department stores, car dealerships, company locations
  • Mobile Christmas events in major towns and cities

Roland Pütz

  • Divertimenti with orchestra
  • Alphorn and piano:
     - Divertimenti 
     - 20-minute solo programme with alphorn and Christmas cabaret
  • Christmas concerts for alphorn and organ
  • Church and choral concerts

Christmas productions

  • One alphorn or more
  • Different costumes with a Christmas or Alpine theme
  • Mobile indoor and outdoor performances for department stores, car dealerships, or other locations
  • Incorporation in other productions

Roland Pütz
Hauptstraße 44a
D-51483 Overath

Tel.: +49 (0) 2206 - 86 99 99
E-Mail: info[at]