„e berjisch sinfönsche“ A Bergische Symphony

With its rich mix of classical, jazz, musical sketches, the tunes of the Egerländer Musikanten, and traditional alphorn music, our current CD, E berjisch Sinfönsche, is without doubt one of the most original and eclectic alphorn recordings ever made.

All the tracks are written by Roland Pütz – and all are homage in one way or another to his adoptive home, the Bergisches Land. The compositions are dedicated not only to the landscape and the people of the region but also to its traditions, as in the musical sketch devoted to the traditional coffee pot of the Bergisches Land ('Dröppelminna'), or in the description of a Marian pilgrimage ('Pilgermarsch') to the sound of church bells ('Glocken Marialinden'), and the famous wheelbarrow races held at summer fêtes ('Schürreskarrenrennen'). Likewise, fans of traditional alphorn music will find something to their taste with the wonderful 'Bergische Serenade'.

Further highlights include a Bergischer blues ('Bluesette des Alpes'), a polka in the style of the Egerländer Musikanten ('Bergische Schweizer Polka'), and a delightful realized musical sketch of a steam-train journey, complete with an allusion to a farcical feud between railway enthusiasts and a factory owner in the nearby town of Wiehl ('Wiehltalbahnfahrt').

The introduction to 'Schürreskarrenrennen' is spoken by the well-known actor and narrator Manfred Erwe.

The recording was performed and produced by the musicians Uwe Hirschgänger, Harald Pister, Ralf von Tegelen, and Roland Pütz (the core line-up of AlphornVirtuos).

Recorded at Tonstudio Bauer in Ludwigsburg.

Available from the offices of AlphornVirtuos for €15 plus €2.50 shipping.

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